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Founded in 2005, Epic Crystal was dedicated to developing and manufacturing scintillation crystals based in Shanghai, China, included the main CsI(TI), NaI(TI), BGO, LYSO(Ce) and GAGG(ce), within the areas of radiation detection, nuclear medical imaging, security inspection, high energy physics, geological exploration and other relevant field. We are able to provide scintillators in customized design, like single crystals, linear or 2 dimensional arrays. We, at EPIC Crystal, are dedicating to serving our clients with CARE and PRIDE.

No matter what we ask, Epic Crystal always replies in details timely,the price is always competitive and delivery is always in weeks not months, and products have been proven to be high quality,highly specified and technologically advanced. We trust Epic Crystal completely and do not hesitate to recommend them for all of your scintillation crystals requirement

Richard Williams,CEO,Gammalogging,UK
CeBr3 Scintillator LaBr3(ce) Scintillator GAGG(ce) scintillator LYSO(ce) Array