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CeBr3 Scintillator
  • CeBr3 Scintillator
  • CeBr3 Scintillator
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    CeBr3 Scintillator

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Product Description

Growth technique: Bridgman

Dimension(max): 76 mm x 120 mm length

Achieved items: encapsulated crystal and assembly detectors

Decay time(ns)20
Light output(Photons/MeV)60,000
Wavelength of emission peak(nm)380
Energy resolution(@662KeV)<4.5%
Refractive index2.10

Cerium Bromide(CeBr3) is a new generation halide scintillator, it has fast decay time(20 ns), high light output(60,000 Photons/MeV) and relatively excellent energy resolution(<4.5% @662KeV), meanwhile it was characterized by a very small instrinsic background, all of these properties made it suitable to be used in high resolution gamma spectrometry application.