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LuAG(Ce/Pr) Crystal

LuAG crystal refers to a specific type of crystal that is composed of lutetium aluminum garnet (LuAG) doped with cerium Ce or Pr ions. LuAG is a synthetic crystalline material known for its excellent scintillation properties and is widely used in various radiation detection applications.


Radiation Resistance1x1061x106rad
Wavelength of Emission Peak520310
Light Output25,00020,000ph/MeV
Decay Constant6822ns
Effective Atomic Number6363

LuAG(Ce) is a typical scintillation crystal with garnet structure owned excellent scintillation properties, the light yield is 25,000 ph/MeV with fast decay time around 70 ns, it also has many other properties, such as high density, large Zeff and good mechanical property. 

LuAG(Ce) thin slice coupled with FOP and CCD can be well applied in X-ray microscopy and micro-nano CT where good spatial resolution is expected. It also find applications in high-energy physics experiments, nuclear physics research, and other fields that require precise radiation detection and measurement.

LuAG(Pr) is faster with only 22 ns decay time, it is a good candidate to be used in PEM, TOF-PET and fast particle imaging. And considering its good energy resolution and temperature stability, LuAG(Pr) can also be well applied in oil well logging equipment.

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