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LaBr3(Ce) Crystal

LaBr3 (Lanthanum Bromide) crystal is a scintillation material used in radiation detection and spectroscopy. It belongs to the family of inorganic scintillators and is composed of lanthanum and bromine atoms. LaBr3 crystals have gained popularity in recent years due to their excellent energy resolution, high light output and fast response time.


Melting Point1,116K
Wavelength of Emission Peak380nm
Light Output68,000ph/MeV
Decay Constant16ns
Refractive Index1.90/

LaBr3(Ce) crystals were produced by Bridgman technique, the maximum crystal ingot can be achieved at 80 mm diameter x 200 mm length here in Epic Crystal, with available final products in the form of encapsulated crystals, in both standard and ruggedized versions, as well as the assembly detectors with light sensors PMTs or SiPMs.

One of the key advantages of LaBr3(Ce) crystals is their high energy resolution. This means they can distinguish between different radiation energies with greater precision, allowing for accurate identification and analysis of radioactive materials. Additionally, LaBr3 crystals have a relatively fast decay time, which enables them to handle high counting rates without significant degradation in performance.

The properties of LaBr3 crystals make them suitable for various applications, including nuclear medicine, homeland security, environmental monitoring and scientific research. They are often used in gamma-ray spectroscopy systems, positron emission tomography (PET) scanners, and gamma cameras, where accurate detection and identification of radiation sources are essential.

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