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GAGG(Ce) Crystal

GAGG crystal refers to a type of scintillation crystal made from gadolinium aluminum gallium garnet (Gd3Al2Ga3O12). GAGG crystals are valued for their high light output, fast decay time, and good energy resolution. These properties make them well-suited for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation, such as gamma rays and X-rays.


Refractive Index1.911.911.91/
Light Output30,00042,00054,000ph/MeV
Energy Resolution7%6%5%5x5x5 mm@662KeV
Decay Constant5090150ns
Wavelength of Emission Peak520530530nm
Radiation Resistance107107107rad

Epic crystal developed 3 kinds of GAGG(Ce) crystal, with faster decay time(GAGG-F), typical(GAGG-T) and higher light output(GAGG-HL) for the customer in different field. Crystal ingots are around 60 mm diameter x 200 mm length, final products are available in the form of cubes, cylinders, linear arrays and 2 dimensional arrays configurations.

GAGG(Ce) is a very promising scintillator in high energy industrial field, when it was characterized on life test under 115kV, 3mA and the radiation source located at a 150 mm distance from crystal, after 20 hours the performance is nearly the same as the fresh one. It means it has a good prospect to withstand high dose under X-ray irradiation, of course this also depends on irradiation conditions. And in case of going further with GAGG for NDT further exact test need to be conducted. 

Beside the single Ce: GAGG crystal, we are able to fabricate it into linear and 2 dimensional array, the pixel size and separator could be achieved based on requirement. We also have developed the technology for the ceramic Ce:GAGG, it has better coincidence resolving time(CRT), faster decay time and higher light output.

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