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CeBr3 Crystal

CeBr3 (Cerium Bromide) crystal is another type of scintillation material used in radiation detection and spectroscopy. Similar to LaBr3 crystal, CeBr3 crystal belongs to the family of inorganic scintillators and is composed of cerium and bromine atoms.


Melting Point1056
Wavelength of Emission Peak380nm
Energy Resolution<4.5%@662KeV
Light Output60,000ph/MeV
Decay Constant20ns
Refractive Index2.10/

CeBr3 crystals were produced by Bridgman technique in Epic Crystal, the maximum ingot is at around 100 mm diameter x 150 mm length. Its final available products include encapsulated crystals, in both standard and ruggedized version, as well as the assembly detectors coupled with light sensors PMTs or SiPMs.

CeBr3 crystals exhibit excellent scintillation properties, including high light output and fast decay time. They are known for their high energy resolution, which allows for accurate identification and analysis of radiation sources with different energy levels. Meanwhile it was characterized by a very small intrinsic background(<0.005 counts/second/cc as ultra low). CeBr3 crystals also have a relatively high effective atomic number, which makes them well-suited for detecting gamma rays and high-energy radiation.

Compared to other scintillation materials, CeBr3 crystals are relatively expensive, but their excellent performance in terms of energy resolution and radiation detection capabilities makes them a valuable choice in applications that require precise identification and analysis of radiation sources.

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