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CdWO4 Crystal

CdWO4 crystal refers to a scintillation crystal made from Cadmium Tungstate (CdWO4). It is a widely used inorganic scintillator material known for its high density and good radiation detection properties. The crystal is composed of cadmium, tungsten, and oxygen atoms.


Wavelength of Emission Peak475nm
Light Output13,000ph/MeV
Decay Constant12,700ns
Refractive Index2.2-2.3/
Thermal Expansion Coefficient10.2x10-6k-1

CdWO4 crystals were produced by using the Bridgman technique since 2014, with the maximum crystal boule size at diameter 80 mm x 200 mm length, which can be manufactured into single crystals with required shape and dimensions. And besides the single crystals, we also have the capability to fabricate it into linear arrays or 2 dimensional arrays according to requirement, in which the TiO2 was usually used as the separator.

CdWO4 crystal is characterized by high density, high atomic number and relatively high light yield with extremely slow decay time. The afterglow of CdWO4, when subjected to x-ray irradiation, is very slow typically less than 0.1% after 3 ms, and demonstrate very good radiation resistance.

CdWO4 crystals find applications in various fields, including nuclear physics research, medical imaging, and industrial CT. They are also used in gamma-ray spectroscopy systems, positron emission tomography (PET) scanners, and other radiation detection devices. CdWO4 crystals are often coupled with photodetectors, such as photomultiplier tubes or avalanche photodiodes, to convert scintillation light into electrical signals for further analysis.

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