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CaF2(Eu) Crystal

CaF2(Eu) crystal refers to a crystal composed of calcium fluoride (CaF2) doped with europium (Eu) ions. The europium doping introduces luminescent properties to the CaF2 crystal, making it capable of emitting light when excited by certain stimuli.


Melting Point [K]1691K
Thermal Expansion Coefficient19.5 x 10-6C-1
Wavelength of Emission Peak435nm
Refractive Index1.47/
Decay Constant940ns
Light Output19,000ph/MeV

Europium ions have unique optical properties, particularly in their ability to emit intense red fluorescence when excited by ultraviolet (UV) or X-ray radiation. By doping CaF2 crystals with europium, the material becomes an efficient scintillator for radiation detection and imaging applications.

CaF2(Eu) crystals are commonly used in scintillation detectors, such as gamma cameras and X-ray detectors. When exposed to ionizing radiation, the crystal absorbs the energy and subsequently emits photons, producing a scintillation effect. The emitted light can be detected and used to measure and image the radiation.

Europium-doped CaF2 crystals are valued for their high light yield, good energy resolution, and fast decay times. These properties make them suitable for various applications, including nuclear medicine, high-energy physics experiments and industrial imaging.

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