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    LYSO(ce) Scintillator

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Product Description

Growth technique: Czochralski

Formula: Lu1.9Y0.1SiO5(Cerium content: 0.5mol%)

Dimension(max): βˆ… 95 mm x 200 mm

Available items: Monolithic crystals and array configurations


Emission wavelength max(nm)420
Light output(Photons/Mev)29,000
Decay time(ns)42
Anti-radiation1 x 108
Refractive index1.82
Cleavage planeNo

We have been optimizing the Czochralski technique to acquire LYSO(ce) crystal with larger dimension and better performance since 2005, now it can be produced at βˆ… 90 mm x 200 mm length ingot in commercialized volume. Meanwhile, we have completed further processing equipment, including the line cutting and inner circle cutting machine as well as the grinding and polished capability, from which the customized dimensions and shape of LYSO(ce) crystal can be achieved.


Besides the monolithic LYSO(ce) crystal, we are also able to fabricate it into array configurations, like the regular single layer, or dual layers with 1/2  pixel offset design, in which the pixel numbers and sizes can be completely customized, separator or reflector here we applied are Vikuiti Enhanced Specular Reflector(ESR), Barium Sulfate(BaSO4) and Toray E60 film with different gap options between each pixel. Compared with traditional hand-work assembly, we developed the new technique, by which the time and cost during the procedure was reduced a lot, together with precise tolerance and position of each single pixel in the whole configurations.


LYSO: Ce crystal crystal has typical feature of fast decay time(40 ns), heavy density(7.20 g/cm3) and strong anti -radiation capability(>108 rad), it has also been used in the high energy and nuclear physics field, check the energy linearity and energy resolution results of 30x30x100 mm crystal.


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Steve Fink, Vice President Rexon Components Inc. USA