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    CdWO4 Scintillator

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Product Description

Growth technique: Bridgman

Dimension(max): βˆ… 80 mm x 200 mm

Achieved items: Single crystal and Linear or 2D array


Emission wavelength of peak(ns)475
Light output(Photons/Mev)13,000
Decay time(ns)12,700
Refractive index2.2-2.3
Thermal expansion coefficient{k-1}10.2x10-6

Cadmium Tungstate (CdWO4) is a scintillation crystal with extremely low afterglow, good radiation resistance, high density and high Z value, low decay time also with relatively high light output.

CdWO4 crystal was produced by using the Bridgman technique since 2011, with the maximum crystal boule size at βˆ… 80 mm x 200 mm length, which can be manufactured into the single crystal with required shape and dimensions. Besides the single crystals, we also have the capability to fabricate it into linear or 2 dimensional array used in the X ray security inspection systems.


CdWO4 crystal is characterized by high density, high atomic number and relatively high light yield with extremely low decay time. and  the afterglow of CdWO4, when subjected to x-ray irradiation, is very slow typically less than 0.1% after 3 ms, and demonstrate very good resistance. All of these features are significant and make CdWO4 a primary scintillation crystal for X ray computed Tomography(X-CT) and in security inspection.


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Steve Fink, Vice President Rexon Components Inc. USA