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Founded in 2012, Epic Crystal was dedicated to developing and manufacturing scintillation crystals based in Jiangsu, China. Our production line of scintillators included CsI(TI), NaI(TI), LYSO(Ce), GAGG(Ce) CdWO4, LaBr3(Ce), CeBr3 and other Halide/Oxide crystals, which are widely used in the areas of nuclear radiation detection, environment monitoring, nuclear medical imaging, X-ray security inspection, none destructive testing, high energy physics, geological exploration and other relevant fields.

The Efficient, Professional, Intelligent and Customer-oriented represented the meaning of EPIC, our team is composed of the technologists and entrepreneurs from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics of the Chinese Academy of Science with over 20 years experience in scintillation crystals field. The Bridgman and Czochralski are the main technology here, we get used to analyzing the results in certain production cycles, concluding the good aspects, and trying to find the reason and getting the right solutions for some unexpected issues. We also handle the feedback from customers, from which the upgrading and optimum processing has increasingly been achieved, in order to acquire larger dimension, higher performance and more cost effective scintillation materials.

The further processing, like cutting, lathing, grinding, polishing and assembly of arrays are our major capability. We are able to provide scintillators in customized design, like monolithic blocks with unique shape, dimensions, surface finish and package. While linear or 2 dimensional arrays with various pixel sizes, pitch and configurations. Separators to be applied included such as Titanium Dioxide(TiO2), Barium Sulfate(BaSO4), 3M Enhanced Specular Reflector(ESR), Retro-reflector etc. We are also capable of assembling the crystals with general light sensors, like the photo-multipliers tubes(PMTs), silicon photo-multiplifiers(SiPMs) or photo-diode arrays(PDAs), and the electronic parts can be achieved based on requirement.

Certified under ISO9001:2015 and continuously improved internal quality standards, Epic Crystal is committed to providing superior scintillation crystals and detectors among the market and has won a great reputation throughout the world. Currently we are serving clients from multinational corporations to research institute, laboratory and university organizations. We, at EPIC Crystal, are dedicating to serving our clients with CARE and PRIDE.

Epic Crystal Co.,Ltd.


Bo Zhang

Managing Director

Bo Zhang holds a doctor degree of nuclear technology development&application from Tsinghua University, he has nearly 30 years experience in nuclear radiation detection and medical imaging field. Before the foundation of Epic Crystal, he spent 12 years in the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Science, responsible for research, development and production of scintillation crystals BGO, LYSO(Ce), PbWO4 and others. Bridgman and Czochralski technology are his main strength.

Ze Shi

Technical Director

Previously Ze Shi was in the research position of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy Sciences, who has completely engaged in the R&D and launch of BEPC project. His main strength is the upgrading Bridgman technology, and now he is mainly responsible for the production of CsI(TI) and NaI(TI) in Epic Crystal. The project of large NaI(Tl) project is on-going under the support from China National grants. He hold a doctor degree of inorganic material from the University of Science and Technology of China.

Liyun Gong(Orson)

Marketing Director

Previously Liyun Gong was the president of Shanghai Shuojie Crystal Material Co.,Ltd. which was acquired by the Epic Crystal in 2014. Before founding Shuojie, he was the assistant of Prof. Zhigang Chen`s group in Changzhou University, which was involved in the R&D of new inorganic scintillators, finally he get a master degree of chemical engineering. Now he is responsible for the company`s oversea markets expansion, and with his great effort and strategy, our sales volume appears the continual dynamic growth in the past few years.