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    Plastic Scintillator Array

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Main Plastic Scintillator array design parameters:

  1. Pixel size: The X and Y dimensions of each plastic scintillator pixel

  2. Separator/reflector type and thickness: The type of reflector between the plastic scintillator pixel and its overall thickness(Gap, G)

  3. Pitch: The distance between the center of one element to the center of an adjacent element, X+G or Y+G

  4. Radiation thickness: This is the Z dimension and specifies the thickness of the array in the direction of incoming radiation

  5. Back reflector thickness: Usually a white reflector is applied to the radiation entrance side of the array to reflect the light

    back into the pixel so it can be directed to the photodetector

  6. Separator/Reflector: Barium Sulfate(BaSO4)


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