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    NaI(tl) Scintillator

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Product Description

Growth technique: Bridgman

Dimension(max): ∅ 150 mm x 400 mm

Available items: Blank, encapsulated and assembly detectors


Melting point(K)924
Wavelength of emission max(nm)415
Light output(Photons/Mev)40,000
Decay time(ns)264
Cleavage plane(100)

Sodium iodide(NaI) crystal was produced by using the Bridgman method, various kinds of dimension ranges crystal blank can be acquired in cylindrical and rectangular shape,then can be manufactured into the required sizes and shape. NaI:Tl crystal was heavily hygroscopic and has to be encapsulated in actual applications.


Currently we have three encapsulated choices based on the actual applied environment, included the typical aluminum housing and K-9 glass at temperature range from -40 to 90 degree C, and the stainless steel and quartz glass with special ruggedized encapsulation, which can be survived up to 175 degree C, while titanium housing and sapphire window, not only for high temperature resistance, but also the heavy shock and vibration condition in harsh environment like Measurement While Drilling(MWD).


Beside the NaI:Tl scintillator crystal, we have the capability to integrate photo-multiplier tubes(PMTs) on the crystal with standard 14 pins, also the whole sodium iodide scintillation detector included a voltage divider, pre-amplifier and  4 pin connector, which has been widely used in the nuclear radiometric detection, point /continuous level measurement, density measurement, geological exploration and other relevant field.


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Steve Fink, Vice President Rexon Components Inc. USA