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    CsI(tl) Scintillator

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Product Description

Growth technique: Bridgman

Dimension(max): ∅ 120 mm x 400 mm length

Achieved items: Monolithic crystal and Linear or 2-D arrays


Melting poing(K)894
Wavelength of emission max(nm)550
Light output(Photons/Mev)60,000
Decay time(ns)1,020
Cleavage plane
Refractive index1.79

Thallium doped cesium iodide, CsI(Tl), is one of the brightest scintillation material, its emission peak was at 550 nm, with an assembly of SiPD or SiPM detector, it can be used widely in security inspection, homeland security and custom border protection. 

Cesium iodide(CsI) crystal was produced by using the modified Bridgman technique. with super pure 99.999% cesium iodide(CsI) raw material and appropriate content of thallium iodide(TII), and the deoxidizer was used, which can be well reacted with the oxide impurities at high temperature, this would ensure the environment of growth procedure without the existing of oxygen, it is of great importance to get high purity crystal, and its anti-radiation resistance would be improved dramatically.


By using Cs137, Co60, Na22 and Th232 source, the energy resolution of 1"x1"x1" cubic CsI:Tl crystal has been characterized, saying 7.3%(662KeV), 5.0/5.1%(1183/1346KeV), 8.3/5.6%(508/1269KeV) and 5.7/3.7%(1626/2664KeV). The crystal was readout with a small Silicon Photo-multiplier(SiPM) and signals were collected using a pocket detector and bluetooth transmitted to an Android, Check the details here.


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