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    CsI(na) Scintillator

  • CsI(na)

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Product Description

Growth technique: Bridgman

Dimension(max): βˆ… 90 mm x 300 mm

Available items: Crystal blank and Encapsulated

Melting point(K)894
Wavelength of emission peak(nm)420
Light output(Photons/Mev)41,000
Decay time(ns)630
Cleavage planeNo
Refractive index1.84

Sodium doped cesium iodide, CsI(na) scintillator has the relatively high light output, around 85% of NaI (TI) scintillator, and it has good mechanical and thermal shock resistance. Due to its high stopping gamma ray power and excellent mechanical&thermal shock resistance, the CsI(na) was well suited for well logging, spaced research and other harsh environment applications.


The CsI(na) crystal was produced by using the Bridgman,currently we grow βˆ… 90 mm x 300 mm length crystal blank stably. CsI(na) crystal was hygroscopic and has to be encapsulated in actual applications, and we have various encapsulated choice based on the specific applied environment, such as aluminum, stainless steel and titanium housing.


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Steve Fink, Vice President Rexon Components Inc. USA