New sensor module with CsI and GOS scintillator

Sep. 17 , 2019

16HCD/16LCDA is a front side illuminated type 16 element photodiode array coupled with high performance scintillators, such as CsI(Tl) and GOS ceramic. The silicon photo-detector has ultra low dark current, low terminal capacitance and high sensitivity covered a broad spectrum, and it is designed directly for single or dual energy imaging, that two of the photodiode array, each with a GOS ceramic and CsI(Tl) scintillator, are combined in an upper and lower two layer format, which are for the detection of high energy X-rays and low energy X-rays simultaneously, and suitable for various kind of application especially in X-ray security inspection.

Scintillators parametersCsI(Tl)GOS ceramic
Peak emission of wavelength(nm)550510
Refractive index1.792.2
Decay time(ns)
ColorTransparentLight yellow-green
Sensitivity non-uniformity(%)<15<15
Length x width(mm)25.4x3.525.4x3.5
Element pitch(mm)1.575None pixellated
Mechanical dimension of photodiode

Element pitch(mm)1.575
Element effective size(W x H mm)1.4x2.5
Number of Element16
Electrical and optical characters

Spectrum response range(nm)

ƛ: 350-1100

Peak sensitivity wavelength(nm)


Light sensitivity(A/W)S: @550nm, Type 0.4, Min 0.36
Dark current(pA)ID: @-10mV, Typ 5, Max 20
Terminal capacitance(pF)Ct @0V, f=10kHz, Typ 41, Max 50
Absolute maximum rating

Reverse voltage(V)10
Operating temperature(degree C)-10 - 60
Storage temperature(degree C)-20 - 70
Operating humidity(%RH)30 - 90
Storage(%RH)40 - 95