LYSO matrix with new assembly technique

Apr. 17 , 2018

Traditionally we assemble LYSO array by acquired single pixels at first, that involved cutting, grinding and polishing procedure, then assemble the pixels one by one into array configuration with separator and optical adhesive, which has been workable for the general time of flight(TOF) detectors.

However, when it come to specific organs like breast or small animal simultaneous PET/MR scanner imaging, the high spatial resolution, around 2 mm diameter need to be achieved, in such case the depth of interactions(DOI) detector is a must, of which the design of LYSO was complicated, typically with dual-layers array 1/2 pixel offset, more number of pixels with smaller pitch&shorter thickness, the traditional assemble technique is not good enough to get evenly spaced flood imaging, because of the tolerance in each single pixels, then enlarge the total in the whole array configuration, and the labor cost involved in this procedure is also on higher side.

Epic Crystal dedicated to finding the solutions and developed the new technique, from which the tolerance of the whole array is pretty small(few tens micron usually), with precise position of each single pixel in the configuration, and it is more effective compared with traditional method, labor cost was reduced a lot. Also the centre-of-gravity plot from simple anger algorithm showed the resolvability of each single pixel is clear and uniformly spread, we look forward to hearing from you and issue the competitive solutions of dual layer LYSO arrays.

LYSO matrix with new assembly techniqueLYSO matrix with new assembly technique