Latest Lanthanum Bromide(LaBr3:Ce) crystal experiment results

Jan. 08 , 2016

Lanthanum Bromide(LaBr3), when activated with small amount of Cerium, is an efficient and fast scintillation crystal. It is particularly attractive due to its ultra-high light output over a wide range of temperature, its fast time response and promising energy resolution performance, which can be used for almost all fields of nuclear radiation detection.


EPIC Crystal has been proceeding the R&D of LaBr3(ce) scintillation crystal since 2011, sample now is acquired and the initial test results are very promising, saying 2.7% energy resolution(662 KeV) with 50 x 50 mm crystal by using R-6233 Photo-Multiplier Tube from Hamamatsu, and the background of Ac227 is also on a very low level, we will keep updated about the further procedures.


Test Conditions and Equipment:

Spectrum under Cs 137 source:

Latest Lanthanum Bromide(LaBr3:Ce) crystal experiment results