Life test of GAGG(ce) crystal

Aug. 12 , 2019

GAGG(ce) is a new scintillation crystal with excellent and stable physical&chemical properties, like the high density, no hygroscopic, fast decay time, high brightness, strong anti-radiation hardness and no self-back ground. GAGG(ce) crystal can be fabricated into linear and 2 dimensional array, the separator or reflector we generally applied is the Barium Sulfate(BaSO4) and Enhanced Specular Reflector(ESR, 3M), other options are available based on requirement.

GAGG(ce) is a very promising scintillator in high energy industrial field, it has been characterized on life test under 115kv, 3mA and the radiation source was located at a 150 mm distance from crystal, after 20 hours the performance is nearly the same as the fresh one. It means it has a good prospect to withstand high dose under X-ray irradiation, of course it depends on irradiation conditions and in case of going further with GAGG for NDT further exact test need to be conducted.

GAGG crystal and array