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PIPS Detectors

PIPS-Passivated Implanted Planar Silicon detector is a product of modern semiconductor technology. It used ion implantation device to accelerate ions, after screening, focusing and re-acceleration, they are injected into silicon wafers. The whole process is carried out under vacuum. The production of deep ion-implanted silicon detetcors for alpha/beta spectrometers have undergone thousands ofapplictaion so far, including alpha and beta energy spectrum analysis and counting, nuclear identification, environment radiation monitoring and many other relevant fields.


Epic crystal developed two types of FD(Fully Depleted) and CAM(Continuous Air Monitoring) series PIPS detectors. 

The EP-FD series detector is a high resolution, high sensitivity and low background Alpha detector. To ensure high resolution, the energy deposition of Alpha rays in the sensitive volume must be maximized. The energy deposited in the sensitive volume deviates from the energy of the Alpha ray due to partial energy loss when charged particles interact with the material of detector`s incidence window. And the can thin window on the detector surface reduces the loss of energy in the incidence window. In addition a low level of leakage current reduces the contribution of electronic noise. 

Effectiva area(mm2)31447560094012402000
Effective diameter(mm)2024.627.634.639.850.5
Energy resolution(keV)182025253540
Leakage current(20℃, typ/max)15/40 nA20/40 nA30/50 nA40/70 nA40/70 nA70/100 nA
Bias voltage(V, min/max)20/9020/9020/9020/9020/9020/90
Work temp. (℃, min/max)-40/+40-40/+40-40/+40-40/+40-40/+40-40/+40
Storage temp. (℃, max)100100100100100100

Note: 1, The resolution is Am241@5.486MeV and the source distance detector is measured in equivalent diameter.

          2, Beta resolution is typically 5 keV better than Alpha resolution, approximating pulse line widths.

          3, The diameter of the radioactive source is 25 mm. 

The EP-TCAM series PIPS detector is for continuous air monitoring in harsh conditions and is an enhanced version of the standard CAM detector. The detectors are micromanipulated with an inert coating of controlled thickness in the presence of a surface-thick aluminum layer. The coating provides excellent acid resistance and non-scratch properties. It is thinner than conventional aluminium layers, reducing the occurrence of conditions such as particle flashing. And it is suitable for measurements in harsh conditions, such as offshore or stack applications.

Effective area(mm2)31447560094012402000
Effective diameter(mm)2024.627.634.639.850.5
α Energy resolution(keV, @15-24V)
α Energy resolution(keV, @70V)343537404565
β Energy resolution(keV, @70V)151720222537
β Shreshold(keV, @70V)182025253040
Leakage current(20℃, typ/max)15/40 nA20/40 nA30/50 nA40/70 nA40/70 nA70/100 nA
Bias voltage(V, min/max)15/9015/9015/9015/9015/9015/90
Work temp. (℃, min/max)-40/+50-40/+50-40/+50-40/+50-40/+50-40/+50
Storage temp.(℃, max)100100100100100100

Note: 1, Thresholds need to be considered when calculating β and γ efficiency.

          2, The resolution is the α of 5.486MeV of Am241 in vacuum, and the shaping time is 1μs.


Both kinds of detectors can adapt to normal or vacuum environment, in addition the entrance window of probe has an aluminum protective film. The probes are all using Axial Microdot female, with optional BNC and SMA.

Epic crystal is capable of integrating EP-AP series front mounted PIPS detectors with a low noise charge-sensitive preamplifier in a package with a compact, ruggedized enclosure and a sophisticated internal design. The preamplifier can be easily connnected directly to the back-end equipment. Depending on the subsequent instrumentation, a linear gain amplifier may be required. The overall power consumption of the detector is very low, making it ideal for use in portable equipment.