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PD Assembly Detectors

In some scintillation detectors, a photo diode assembly is used as the photodetector. A photo diode is a semiconductor device that generates a current or voltage when illuminated by light. The photo diode assembly typically includes a photo diode, a housing or package to protect the diode, and electrical connections for the diode.


In Epic Crystal, the scintillation materials that could be assembled with photo-diodes included the most commonly used CsI(Tl), GOS, CdWO4, GAGG(Ce), which were usually produced into single linear array configurations for the security type applications, such as baggage scanners, cargo inspection and other non-destructive testing. We offer a variety of assemble options in terms number of scintillators element, pixel pitch, photo-sensitivity and dark current of PD, in order to optimize detectors performance during actual application. Our manufacturing process ensures the detectors with high sensitivity, high stability and excellent resolution. 

ScintillatorModelNumber of elementsPhoto-diode ArrayAfterglowDatasheet
1x161.6 mm pitch0.5-5%@6ms

EHEC LEG-1.6P EN.pdf

GOS sheet1.6 mm pitch<0.1%@3ms
CsI(Tl)EHEC-2.5P1x162.5 mm pitch0.5-5%@6ms
CsI(Tl)ELEC-2.5P1x162.5 mm pitch0.5-5%@6ms
GOS sheet2.5 mm pitch<0.1%@3ms
1x161.6 mm pitch<0.1%@3ms
1x162.5 mm pitch<0.1%@3ms