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ESESD-CS01 MINI Spectrometer

ESESD-CS01 is a compact and exquisitely designed multi-channel spectrometer, with dimensions similar to a large lipstick. This spectrometer incorporates the company`s developed miniature multi-channel technology, and through advanced microelectronics, integrates the necessary nuclear electronics circuits into a single chip, significantly reducing the size of the equipment. 


This MINI Spectrometer offers excellent performance, capable of handling up to 4096 channels of any signal input with exponential decay characteristics, all within a volume equivalent to that of a large lipstick. The original intention of the MINI spectrometer module development is to provide enterprises in the field of nuclear detection and measurement with an economical, low-power and high performance solution, so that it can be easily integrated into more complex systems. Its communication protocol design is open and supports customization according to customer requirements.

Main Features:

◇ Compact, lightweight and lower power consumption

◇ Equipped with continuous spectrum acquistion mode and LIST mode, LIST mode includes time and energy information

◇ Receive input signals with exponential decay characteristics

◇ Open communication interfaces allow for customization of software and hardware according to user needs

Performance Parameters:

◇ Crystal dimensions: 14x14x25 mm, dimensions are customized

◇ Spectral resolution: 512/1024/2048/4096 channels

◇ Hardware gain and shaping time software adjustable

◇ Stable and reliable in long time work, with a zero drift of less than 1 division and a gain instability of less than 2‰ at 72 hours

◇ System throughput rate: 70Kcps

◇ Communication and power interface: Standard USD Type-C interface, other interfaces can be customized

◇ Power supply: DC +5V

◇ Dimension: <=100x23x20 mm

◇ Weight: 100 g