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EGJ-SD280 Silicone Rubber

EGJ-SD280 silicone rubber optical interface is specifically designed for optical coupling between photoelectric sensors and scintillation crystals. The silicone rubber material is very soft and can adapt to curved surfaces. It is a fully cured polymer with a slightly sticky surface that can deform under slight pressure. At the same time it does not flow like lubricating oil and will not be irreversibly squeezed out when compressed, this makes it ideal for long term coupling of scintillation crystals and photomultiplier tubes or silicon photomultiplier tubes.


EGJ-SD280 silicone rubber sheet material can be easily cut to the desired size using a blade or scissors. All EGJ-SD280 products are covered with an easily removable film. EGJ-280 rubber sticks easily to any smooth surface and can be easily peeled off without damaging the components. If the surface of EGJ-SD280 is stained with dust, its adhesive performance will be reduced.

Hardness(Shore A)16-24
Refractive Index1.43
Working Temperature Range(degree C)-40-70
Thermal Expansion Coefficient(cm/cm/degree C)3x10-4