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Geological Exploration

Geological Exploration is essentially the process of assessing the geological qualities of an area to determine what may be present in the soil and rock. The first step is to perform a desktop review of publicly available datasets, which give an indication of what minerals and rocks may be present in a particular location. Next, it`s necessary to identify where the deposits are located, within a minimal margin of error, via methods such as air track or sonic drilling.

Ruggedized scintillation detectors are designed and built to meet the demanding drilling and well logging for oil and gas exploration. These include natural and activated gamma detection for Measurement While Drilling (MWD), Logging While Drilling (LWD) and wireline logging.

Epic Crystal also provide the full spectrum of detection solutions to meet downhole performance and environmental requirements, as well as the measurement of both natural and neutron activated gamma. The tools provided meet the stringent shock and vibration levels while providing accurate results at temperatures.

Geological Exploration