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  • GAGG(ce) scintillator
  • GAGG(ce) scintillator
  • GAGG(ce) scintillator
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    GAGG(ce) scintillator

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Product Description

General properties of GAGG(ce) scintillator

Density (g/cm3)6.63
Energy resolution (% @662KeV)5.1(5x5x5 mm)
Peak emission (nm)520
Decay time (ns)87(90%)/255(10%)
Light output (Photons/MeV)50,000


Growth method: Czochralski

Maximum dimension: ∅ 60 mm x 150 mm

Available items: Single crystals and Arrays


GAGG(Ce) (Ce:GAGG, Gd3Al2Ga3O12) is new scintillator for single photon emission computed tomography(SPECT), gamma-ray and compton electron detection. Cerium doped GAGG  have many properties that make it suitable for gamma spectroscopy and medical imaging applications. A high photon yield and emission peak around 520 nm makes the material well suited to be readout by Silicon Photo-multiplier detectors.


Beside cerium doped crystal, we also have the capability to provide the co-doped Mg in GAGG(Ce), by which the afterglow of the material could be reduced significantly, saying 0.1% @10 ms, it is essential in CT application. Also the thin 100/50/20 microns GAGG:Ce:Mg layer deposited  on fiber-optic plates are available.