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Light output uniformity of CsI:Tl crystal(220x45x10 mm)

Apr 14, 2017

CsI:Tl crystal was produced with raw material cesium iodide(CsI) activated by small amount thallium, however the thallium content was not that well-distributed along the crystal during Bridgman production, this will cause the light output variations of crystal from different position of ingot, which was unacceptable within the application of security inspection and other relevant field.


EPIC Crystal has been optimizing the Bridgman technique, this post is to describe the light output uniformity along our 220x45x10 mm CsI:Tl crystal, the characterized equipment and condition was listed as below.


EquipmentMCA DV 4096+2" PMTCrystal size220x45x10 mm
ReflectorTeflon(0.50 mm)CouplingSilicone oil
Voltage650 VTest time2 minutes
Humidity20% RHTemperature22 degree C


The radiation source cesium 137 was located in both ends(A,B) and middle position of CsI:Tl crystal along the 220 mm length, MCA channel value were acquired separately.


Test method of CsI(TI) scintillator


MCA channel was concluded as 663#(A), 642#(B) and 651#(C), light output uniformity between two ends was 3.2%.


CsI(TI) spectrum of 220x45x10mm