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Dual layers LYSO crystal array with 1/2 pixel offset

Oct 16 , 2015

The Time of Flight(TOF) detector has been widely used in the whole body PET systems, it was based on the scintillator crystals array and Silicon photo-multipliers(SiPM) technology, by which the excellent timing resolution can be acquired.


However, in some preclinical imaging systems for small animals like mouse and rat, the simultaneous PET/MR is being increasingly used to acquire higher resolution and accurate imaging, generally a PET INSERT is designed for such function in combination with a MR system, with which the whole body mouse and rat can be image, and the PET module is removable from the MR allowing researchers to use the MR without PET inside and consequently have access to full bore of the MR system.


Epic Crystal has the capability to design dual layers LYSO crystal array with 1/2 pixel offset, in which the Vikuiti ESR film was used as the separator, a diffuser(K-9 glass) was mounted as the light guide, adhesive here we used was the OP-20.

Dual layers LYSO crystal array with 1/2 pixel offset