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Jianchun Yang

Managing Director

Jianchun Yang is the managing director in Epic Crystal Co.,Ltd, previously he was the production leader in Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Science, mainly responsible for the research, development and production of scintillation crystals, typically the BGO and LYSO(Ce) crystal with over 30 years experience. He hold the doctor degree of inorganic material from Tsinghua university.

Xiyong Luo

Previously Xiyong Lou was in the research position of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy Sciences, who completely engaged in the R&D and launch of BEPCII project. His main strength is the upgrading Bridgman technology, and now he is mainly responsible for the production of CsI(TI) and NaI(TI) in Epic Crystal. He hold a doctor degree of inorganic material from the university of science and technology of China.

Liyun Gong(Orson)

Previously Liyun Gong was the president of Shanghai Shuojie Crystal Material Co.,Ltd. until it was acquired by the Epic Crystal in 2011. Before founding the Shuojie, he was the research assistant of Prof. Zhigang chen`s group in Changzhou university, which was involved in the research of new inorganic and organic scintillators, finally get a master degree of chemical engineering. Now he is mainly responsible for the oversea new markets expansion, and with his great effort and strategy, our sales volume appears the continual dynamic growth in the past few years.